Sony Venice Rialto Cage System

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The Ratworks Sony Venice Rialto Cage System is currently the only full cage of its kind on the market that is able to remain on the extension block without having to be completely disassembled in order to install the lens mount.

Simply remove the two 15mm rod clamps via four screws and you are then able to install or remove the lens port.

It is highly modular – the bottom, top and each side can be installed singularly to suit complex and constrained rigging scenarios.

The cage is narrow enough to fit into most major remote heads, including the Mini Libra.

The cage also features two Arri Standard Rosettes on the side ribs for attaching hand held bars.

Sensor plane markings on the cage offer convience for focus pullers.

Available to purchase now with the first batch shipping June 7th 2019.

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