Spinner Plate for Ronford Baker Quick Release

£75.00 ex VAT

This spinner plate is designed to sit below a standard Ronford Baker Quick Release plate (RBQR). This drops into the moy head mount on a Magliner allowing the plate to rotate. This allows you to get through narrow door ways with a large camera package as the camera can be rotated to fit through the door.

The plate is secured in place with a standard 3/8″ UNC threaded head tie down. This ties into a durable stainless steel threaded insert in the plate – designed to live up to many years of wear and tear.

2x 3/8″ UNC Mounting screws included, Ronford Baker Quick Release not included.

CNC Machined from billet aluminium and hard anodised.

Weight 0.177 kg
Dimensions 16 × 10 × 2 cm
Engraving (£20.00)

Engrave your name or company name onto your Spinner Plate. Please detail what you would like engraved at checkout.

Custom Anodising (£138.00)

Spinner plates come hard anodised black as standard. They can be anodised any colour you like for an additional charge.

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