Alexa 35 Integrated Side Plate

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Securing directly to the side of the Alexa 35, the Ratworks Alexa 35 Integrated Side Plate provides a highly rigid, planar mounting surface for accessories & can even be used to mount the camera in portrait mode in a pinch.

Because of the trend of mounting lens motors to the side of the camera, we have spent a great deal of time testing & iterating the design to ensure that the plate is rigid enough to enable this. By bringing the area closest to the lens mount out slightly, we have been able to created a dedicated Nano Bar mounting area on the rear of the plate, creating a compact & tidy camera build whilst still giving access to the serial port & lens mount.

The plate features a plethora of 3/8″ mounting holes with Arri Locking pins, 1/4in mounting holes & M4 mounting holes too. A large window provides comfortable access to the side user buttons.

The top edge features a 3/8″ threaded hole with arri locking pins & 3x 1/4in threaded holes – This top edge sits co-planar with the top of the Arri LMS-4 & UAP-3, seamlessly integrating with your existing Arri accessories . Also, this plate does not obstruct access to the focus tape hook on either of these Arri plates, the 15mm rod mount clamp on the LMS-4 and gives plenty of access for the locking lever on the BUD-1 as well.

The sideplate features a durable hardened steel Arri standard rosette for a long service life, and captive mounting screws.

Weighing only 200g – the sideplate is machined from a single piece of high grade aluminium and supplied hard black anodised. Custom anodising & engraving is available upon request.

For the most versatile setup we recommend pairing this plate with a 19mm Nano bar & 3x 19mm screw in extensions – 1.5in, 2.5in & 4.5in as shown in the product photos.

Product photos show the plate being used with a 19mm Nano Bar & screw in extensions – these are not included with this product and need to be purchased separately.


Weight 0.209 kg
Dimensions 16 × 10 × 3 cm

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